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Fisheries and Marine resources


Zanzibar lies at the cross section of rare marine resources and biodiversity with unlimited potential for development of a fishing industry. The entire coastline (about 880 km length) of both islands has enormous fisheries resources available for investment.

The fisheries and marine resources sector includes fishing in artesian water, deep sea water and aquaculture products ranging from seaweed farming, fin fish and shell fish farming. The sector has employed about 63,000 people including women. Demand for fish is increasing as tourist hotels and restaurants seek high species such as sword fish, squid, octopus, crab, marlin, snappers, prawns, tuna and kingfish. There is growing demand for anchovies because of their health benefits.

Deep Sea Fishing

Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland share the management of deep sea fishing (fisheries located beyond 12 nautical miles). The management of the Tanzania Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) fishing is under the mandate of the Deep Sea Fishing Authority (DSFA) with its office located at Fumba, Zanzibar. Fisheries statistics from licensed vessels show that there are significant catches in the Tanzania EEZ. There are two fishing seasons: one from February to May and the other from July to September. The common fishing methods applied currently are long lining and purse seining. In 2016 about 96 licenses were issued to fishing vessels from China, France, Seychelles and Spain and about 17,424.70 tons of catches was reported.

Fisheries Opportunities
    • Aqua/mari culture (fish, shrimps, lobsters, seaweed etc.)
    • Production of seaweed particularly cottonii
    • Value addition in seaweed production such as perfumes, toothpaste, ice-cream, milk-shakes and yoghurt by using seaweed extracts such as carrageen, ager, and alginates gelling substances, stabilizers and emulsifiers
    • Deep sea fishing (snappers, emperors, tuna, sword fish, marlin, kingship, and sailfish)
    • Ice making plants (PPP)
    • Establishment of dry dock facilities (PPP)
    • Fish/marine processing, packaging and canning plant

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