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About Zanzibar

About Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an archipelago of two main islands (Unguja and Pemba) and about 52 islets.

Land area: It covers 2332 (Unguja- 1464 and Pemba- 868) square kilometers

Political: It was united with Tanganyika in 1964 to form the United Republic of Tanzania.
 The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has s separate executive, legislative and judicial structure.

Location: It is located 35Km off the coast of Mainland Tanzania.

Accessibility: It is accessible by air and sea. It has its own airports which serve both domestic and international flights.

Roads: A network of tarmac road covers most of investment areas. A passable network of tertiary road reaches all rural areas.

Electricity: The applicable current is 220V, which conforms to British standards.

Climate: It is tropical, hot & sunny. On average there are over 2750 hours of sunshine per year.

Local time: 3 hours ahead GMT

Population: About 1.3 million (2012 census), at growth rate of 2.8%.

GDP Growth rate:7.0% (2019)

GDP Percapita:US$ 951 (2019)

Culture:Swahili culture (cocktail of African, Arabian and Indian).

Official language: Kiswahili & English