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ZIPA Pemba

About ZIPA Pemba

ZIPA PEMBA BUREAU is one among five departments that falls within the structure of Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA). The Bureau has a significant role in coordinating information between public, private stakeholders and the ZIPA Headquarter. Also, the Bureau ensures there is a proper and speedy facilitation services between ZIPA and Investors in Pemba by strengthening its One Stop Centre (OSC).

Located at Gombani, Chake-Chake District, the Bureau deliver its services to private business investors that either intends to invest at Pemba or already invested. It also actively participates in public engagement that targets the development of Pemba communities.

The major goal is to ensure investments in Pemba are sustainable, high-end and eco-friendly. This goal is backed by the locals, investors, the government and development partners in order to maintain the greenish of the Pemba Island, its culture, value and the preservation of its marine water.