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Free Economic Zones

Free Economic Zones


Zones Development

  • Construction of Industrial sheds and other types of storage facilities such as chillers and warehouse.
  • Infrastructure development
  • Roads network within the zone
  • Sewage and drainage system
  • Power generation and distribution network
  • Cleaned water
  • ICT facilities

Investing within the zones

  • Industrial sites

Manufacturing, processing, assembling and packaging of various commodities such as:-

Food Agro-processing Industries for Milling, Processing, Packaging and Canning

  • Meat and fish: meat cuts and meat products; fish fillet and fish products; poultry and poultry products;
  • Horticulture Food products: vegetables and fruits;
  • Natural sweetness: sugar, honey and their derivative products;
  • Dairy Products: milk and milk products;
  • Beverages: soft drinks, organic juices;
  • Natural Food Additives: spices, seaweed and culinary herbs.

Textile, Apparel and Beauty Products Industries

  • Cosmetics and fragrances;

Building and Construction material industries

  • Household electrification material for wiring and lighting;
  • Sanitary ware, ironmongery and plumbing accessories;
  • Bricks and building blocks;
  • Construction aggregates;
  • Wall Protection Paints, Wallpapers and Roofing Materials;
  • Wood Building Columns, Panels and Decorative Products;
  • Construction stones, Decorative and Paving Stones;
  • Building Construction Glass and Decoration Glass/Glassware;
  • Gypsum Building Columns and Panels and Decorative products.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Supply Industries

  • Malaria and Tropical disease drugs;
  • Antibiotics drugs;
  • Medical Consumable supplies: e.g bandages, gauze, plasters, and surgical gloves;
  • Medical Surgical Equipment and Machinery
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment and Machinery

High Value Intellectual Capital industries

  • Biotechnology industries
  • Industrial material and Product Innovation

Consumer Durable Goods Production- Component Manufacturer and/or Assembling

  • Domestic Appliances e.g cookers, catering equipment, refrigerators and air conditions;
  • Office and household furniture;
  • Office equipment: e.g computers, printers and e-commerce equipment;
  • Household utensils: e.g cookware, crockery and chinaware;
  • Consumer electronics goods (e.g laptop computers, television receiver sets, audio visual entertainment equipment, cellphone hand sets and e-notepads;
  • Office and school stationeries
  • Private automotive vehicle and Motorized riders;
  • Capital Good Production- Component Assembly
  • Fishing Boats and Commercial Fishing Vessels
  • Fixed and Mobile telecommunication equipment

Hospitality industry

  • Up market hotels
  • Sports tourism
  • Conference tourism.
  • Health tourism
  • Heritage tourism
  • Special cuisine restaurants
  • Sports activities, amusement and recreation activities
  • Property development
  • Establishment of ICT parks and smart villages
  • Establishment of exhibition and convention centres
  • Commercial buildings
  • Business/Industrial Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings
  • Mixed-use development

Transit Trade and storage facilities

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Labeling, packaging and repackaging
  • Sorting, grading, cleaning and mixing
  • Simple assembly
  • Minor processing
  • Export oriented airport and seaport based activities