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EIA Certificate

EIA Certificate

Application Procedures for ESIA/EIA

According to the Zanzibar Environmental Management Act No 3 of 2015, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) / Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) must be carried out by a recognized experts or firms, authorized to conduct an ESIA/EIA in Zanzibar. The firm or an expert is required to fill in registration to apply for recognition by the Zanzibar Environmental Management Authority (ZEMA). ESIA/EIA must be conducted before the commencement of any investment that involves construction works.

Requirements or checklist to the EIA procedures

  • ZIPA certificates.
  • Land lease
  • Certificates of incorporate (ZBPRA)

Procedures for the ESIA /EIA Certificate

  • A proponent shall fill in ESIA/EIA Registration form for a non – refundable fee of TZS 200,000/- deposited at PBZ Account name MFUKO WA MAPATO OMKR, Account no. 0769151002. A dully filled registration form shall be submitted to ZEMA Officer in One Stop Centre at ZIPA with written notification on the name of the expert/firm selected to prepare the EIA for his or her project.
  • The selected EIA expert/firm shall prepare the ESIA/EIA report based on the General Terms of Reference (ToR) for conducting ESIA/EIA in Zanzibar and submit to ZEMA office the final ESIA/EIA report in soft and original hard copies as indicated in the General Terms of Reference for review process.
  • Upon receiving ESIA/EIA and payment of review fee, ZEMA shall identify the relevant stakeholder to be involved in the review process, circulate the ESIA/EIA reports to the identified relevant stakeholders, organize site verification visit to the relevant activity area and conduct review meeting. The outcome of the review could be ESIA/EIA approval, ESIA/EIA rejection or a request for further information. In case the ESIA/EIA report is accepted, the ESIA/EIA certificate will be issued, with conditions attached. The certificate will be valid for five years.