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Invitation for Lease, Development, Operate and Management of Small Island in Zanzibar

Invitation for Lease, Development, Operate and Management of Small Island in Zanzibar


  1. The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ) intends to further promote investment by in- cluding the second phase of small islands of Zanzibar into the development of high-end economic activities. This decision is based on the positive response from both the public and investors and the need to further increase the diversification of the blue-economy policy by attracting high- end investment. Small islands surrounding Zanzibar are major assets that investors can capitalize on for a win-win potential.
  2. The RGoZ through Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA), hereby invites Potential In- vestors to submit their proposals in the second phase to develop, operate and manage small islands or plot of land in small islands under long term lease.
  3. The Proposal should provide information demonstrating that interested investors possess: experience and ability to develop, operate, and manage investment projects; financial capacity; skills, and ability in conserving the environment, biodiversity, cultural heritage, and community development. Also, Interested Investors should provide detailed information on the kind of high-end investment intended and statXe the amount to be paid as Lease Acquisition Cost (LAC) in respect of the intended isla/n.
  4. The Interested Investor is also required to submit the amount of investment capital to be invested, and state when the project will be implemented.
  5. The Proposal has to be directed on the following small islands:
NoSmall IslandLocation
1SumeSouth Unguja
2PopoNorth Unguja
3MiwiSouth Unguja
4JombeSouth Pemba
5KwataSouth Pemba
6KashaniSouth Pemba
7Fundo (200 hectare)North Region
8Njao (200 hectare)North Pemba
9Matumbini A (200 hectare)South Pemba
  1. The interested Investor shall obtain the Application Form on the website:
  2. Interested investors should deposit a non-refundable fee of $1500 in the Bank Account below:

    Bank Name:         People’s Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ)
    Account Name:     Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA)
    Account No:         0400424000
    Swift Code:         PBZATZTZ
    Address:             Malindi, Zanzibar, 1173

    Our correspondent Banks are as follows:-

    Bank Name:        CITIBANK N.Y
    Account No:        USD 36001291
    Swift Code:         CITIUS33

    Bank Name:         CITIBANK LONDON
    Account No:        GBP 0008923876
    Swift Code:          CITIGB2L
    IBAN:                  GB08CITI18500808923876

    Bank Name:        CITIBANK LONDON
    Account No:        USD 0000933996
    Swift Code:          CITIGB2L
    IBAN:                  GB29CITI18500800933996

    Bank Name:        CITIBANK FRANKFURT
    Account No:        EUR 4114264038
    Swift Code:          CITIDEFF
    IBAN:                  DE67502109004114264038
  3. The detailed information for each islet is provided on the ZIPA website:
  4. The Investment Proposal shall be marked “PROPOSAL TO LEASE, DEVELOPMENT, OPERATION AND MANAGEMENT OF (Insert Name of Island )”
  5. The Investment Proposal together with the duly filled Application Form and payment receipt must be submitted at Maruhubi Complex, Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority Head Office, Malawi Road, Room Number 223 or via email: or (PDF format).
  6. The Deadline for submission is 16th February 2022 at 12:00 PM Eastern Africa Time.
  7. Any inquiries or further clarification shall be made through or