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Small Islands

Small Islands

Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of two main islands, Unguja and Pemba, as well as several smaller islands (islets). In total, there are estimated to be fifty-seven (57) islets in Zanzibar, 32 in Pemba, and 25 in Unguja, with nine (9) in Pemba and two (2) in Unguja being inhabited. All islets offer unique investment opportunities that are tailored to their nature and diversity.


Zanzibar welcomes investments in specially selected islets with projects that do not disturb the delicate nature of both the terrestrial and marine environments, as well as the islets’ neighboring communities. An islet that has been opened up for investment is made available to the public through a transparent and competitive bidding process, which is followed by a biodiversity inventory study conducted by the Government to provide a baseline for protection and development guidance.

The successful bidder receives a Land Lease Agreement. In exceptional circumstances, the government may lease an islet, a portion of an islet, or a cluster of islets directly to an investor with an exceptional track record of major investments that have demonstrated environmental stewardship or for strategic investment.

Mariculture [cage farming]; establishment of a center of excellence for marine and oceanographic research; real estate development; special industrial use; oil and gas mid and downstream development such as oil refineries, LNG/LPG plants, bunkering services, and petrochemical industry development, among other things, are potential areas for investment in islets.

Investment Opportunities

Zanzibar islets provide a unique and untapped investment opportunity in high-end tourism, including the following:

High-end boutique and luxury hotels
Restaurants, including specialty cuisines;
Nature and adventure activities such as water sports, scuba diving, and transportation;
Educational tourism;
Nightlife activities;